Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Greetings

I take Christmas cards as very serious business. I stress about what outfits we will wear, where we will take pictures and how we will pose. Then I scour the internet looking for the PERFECT christmas card template. Here are my personal requirements- it must have the ability to import multiple (ie more than 3 pictures) and per my dear husband it must say Merry Christmas. Above all, it must have that wow factor that when people open the card and see our's it makes them say "this is a nice card."

During my searching, I landed on Tiny Prints website. They have over 170 cards that hold as many or more than 3 pictures!! This is huge for this MWAC (mom with a camera) that takes ridiculous amounts of pictures of my kiddos. What I also love about Tiny Prints is that they have a variety you can have full picture cards or cards with designs.

What I finally landed on will allow me to incorporate pictures of each child alone, a family shot and a picture of hubby and I together. Here is what I picked and I am thinking of going with the brown as I think it gives the card a little something I am looking for.

You can look at all that Tiny Prints have to offer here:

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